Our Story

Symbhav was born in 2009 out of a vision to portray the creative brilliance and artistic panache of students at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The initiative of some of our most illustrious alumni resulted in a resounding success in Symbhav’s inaugural edition itself and flaunted the cultural and extra-curricular talent of students not just from Pune but from numerous colleges across India. The constant effort by our students over the years has brought bigger and better editions of the adventure that is “Symbhav”. The fest embodies a specific theme each year bringing students of various colleges together in a way that nothing ever has before.

Our Events

project 9


Glamour has a power to attract imitation, a beautiful woman can turn heads but real glamour has a deeper pull. Symbiosis Law school is back this year with its most glamorous event – “Ablaze-Fashion Show”. With Retrofuturism as the main theme, it is time to explore the evolution and metamorphism of evening wear for the much awaited PROM NIGHT. Let us revive the vintage images from the nineties of revolutionary ball gowns filled with spirals and wraps, drapes and folds combined with elegant jewellery and simple make-up or sheepskin courts and velvet blazers. However, when the future feels closer than the past, one cannot ignore the glitz and sparkle of pampering oneself in a sleek silhouette, detachable tulle overskirt gowns or cropped suit jackets. For those who have a passion for eclectic style, this is the moment to blaze the word and take your first step in this glamorous world of lights, camera and walk!

project 9

Curtain Call

The Stage is set, lights are in place, cameras are rolling: it’s your time to shine.

project 1

Tech Biz Quiz

The holy grail of quizzing in India is back. The most popular brand of quizzing, where student teams and corporate giants lock horns, in the questions and on the stage, returns for another year at Symbhav. From politics in Silicon Valley to white collar crimes to the corporate offices of generation-Y India, the concept of quizzing around the world of Business and Technology never fails to entertain or enlighten. With money at stake (and a LOT of it), country-wide competition to battle and the mysteries from the corporate world to be resolved, the BizTech quiz is one to watch out for.

project 1


“Chess is war over the board. The objective is to crush the opponent’s minds.”

-Bobby Fischer

Adapted from Chaturanga, Chess is played by over 650 million people worldwide. A game that transcends place and time, where you are in control of 16 black or white coloured pieces, each with a specific move and value, as you navigate around your opponent’s pieces in an effort to ‘shāhmāt’ or checkmate the opponent.

So, make a move. Beat time. Take part in a chess tournament of epic proportions, both in terms of participation and prizes, and join the elite ranks of Symbhav Chess Champions by proving yourself in this battle of wits.

project 1


Badminton compares favorably with any sport, certainly with any racquet sport, judging by the sheer physical exertion and mental concentration involved.

So, if you think you're fast enough to handle a badminton shuttle, go ahead, get smashed, play the game with lots of passion and season it with badminton humor at each and every level to enjoy it to the core because you only live once but you get to serve twice!

Win, and become the King of the Swings/Lord of the Strings!

Happy and hilarious playing because you've been served!!

project 1

Symbhav Basketball Tournament

The world's most popular and widely viewed sport, basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players, where team spirit and dedication are the vital ingredients needed for winning the game. So what are you waiting for, position your structures rightly and get in your best players for shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding all over the rectangular court.

project 1


It is difficult to put a game into words; it is impossible to capture the enthusiasm, the team spirit of volleyball, because words limit the scope of this wonderful game. This is a call to all the lovers of Volleyball, we invite all those who gladly suffer the blazing sun burns for a good game. Inviting all those who have sustained red forearms, bruises and proudly showcased them; those who live for that adrenaline pumping moment during set point in the final set of a really close match. This year, we at Symbiosis Law School, Pune, welcome you all to ‘Block-busters’ at Symbhav’2015. Come and be a part of our modern interpretation of our much loved game; join as we reinvent the game in our constant endeavor to introduce and upscale the challenge and skill.

project 4

Symbhav General Quiz

Symbiosis Law School, Pune presents a general quiz on everything that has occurred since the inception of the universe: the past, the present and possibly, the future. Conquer this retro-futuristic quiz and take home cash prizes worth 10K! Each team should comprise of two members and they are encouraged to come up with really cool team names for themselves. The Sentient shall win it all. So strap into your time machines, set co-ordinates and get ready to retro-futurise!

project 7

Legal Quiz

Legalis Cerebrosus, the legal quiz, will test your neurons on anything and everything legal and perhaps, illegal too, as well as encompassing politics and international affairs. Ensure the delivery of justice and take home cash prizes worth 10K! Each team should comprise of two members and they are encouraged to come up with really cool team names for themselves. The Devil’s Advocate shall win it all. So put on your lawyer’s robe and bend the law according to your will!

project 2

Write Up My Alley (Creative Writing)

ATTENTION: All the Shakespeares and Hemmingways out there. Ever read a story and thought you could rewrite the ending? Ever wanted to put the twist in the tale? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Unleash the hidden storyteller in you and watch the characters live the life you give them. There is no right or wrong – just pure imagination. Don’t hesitate, we assure you this won’t be one of the three mistakes of your life!

project 3

The Symbhav Jam


Just a minute (JAM) is a literary event that promises to be a crazy ride by fusing knowledge of the English language with delivery, wit and humour.

Objective- Earn as many points on the moderator's score sheet while keeping in accordance with the rules of the event.
The rules of JAM are quintessentially yet excitingly constant-
--> Speak for as long as you can manage to hold the mike without being JAMmed
--> Queen's English must be employed without the use of slang
--> Moderator's decision is considered to be final and therefore no arguments with the moderator will be entertained. JAM Master is God.


Symbhav MUN

Some MUNs are more exhilarating than other MUNs. 

A platform embedded as a flagship event of a college festival that looks at tomorrow through the eyes of yesterday - Symbhav MUN is a promise of an experience like none before.

Tease your gray matter with the puzzles of combating piracy, let your concern for the migrants evolve into a solution, put your diplomacy to test and battle the crises created by the ISIS. 

Mark your presence with your votes. 

Be heard. 

When you have a retro review of the event - you'll already have seen the light of a brighter future.


Art of War

Sun Tsu in the sixth century BCE identified the importance of being aware of and acting on strengths and weaknesses of both a manager's organization and a foe's.
The art of war demands detailed analysis, precision of execution, manipulation and above all adaptability.
Though the battleground may be different, the principles remain the same.
This event is built on the art of business crisis management. Even the most well thought out plans can’t account for everything and thus can be turned to dust. Then things get worse, stocks crash, investors balk, people jump ship. Then things get worse. Debt piles up, revenues fall, lay-offs loom. Then things get worse. Be as innovative and cutthroat as you can to steer your company through another fiscal year. Bring you’re A-game or get shredded.



This is for you tech whizzes out there. If you have a revolutionary idea that can bring about a sea change in the lives of app users, then the stage is yours. Design that perfect app that’ll transform the lives of app users, be the Archimedes you were born to be!

project 8



A game which has its own origin in the courts of a great Indian king. A sport associated with royalty and prestige. This year Symbhav gives you a‎ chance to summon the carrom player inside you so grab your strikers, put your game face on and show us what you got.

This year Symbhav brings this epic and fun filled game to you.

Don’t underestimate the power of a carrom player,

So keep Calm And Play Carrom

project 9
Varun Nobbay and Tarush Sudan Memorial Football Tournament

When you stand on that field and hear the cheer of that crowd, do you feel like you belong? When you watch that ball rush through the grass, do you feel the adrenaline pumping? Is that net the first and last thing you see when you wake up and fall asleep? Is football your ultimate passion? Bring it to Symbhav and show us what you got!

project 9

Table Tennis

Do you feel the satisfaction that flows through your veins when you hit the perfect shot, sweet off the bat? Does that very shot keep you hooked, yearning for more? Does the dance of the players send a thrill of excitement down your spine?

Symbhav2015, is the place for you to be. Come display the magic you can weave with your bat this year, at Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

project 9


Squash, a sport played in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber wall, has much more enthusiasm to it than seems. When the ball hits the walls and bounces back at the players, the adrenaline rush is real. With every shot, the fervor of the game gets more and more intense. SYMBHAV’16 challenges you to come weave your magic and display your skill in the game of Squash.

project 9

Lawn Tennis

Do you feel the satisfaction that flows through you when you play a perfect backhand? What about a forehand? Does the game keep you hooked for more? If your answer is yes, Symbhav 2016, invites you to come display the magic in the game of lawn tennis.

project 9


This sport of self-propulsion through water has much more to it than seems. You grow fins and make your way against the resistance offered by water. In every stroke, there is passion, in every breath, struggle for survival. This SYMBHAV, showcase your swimming skills and make your way to the finish line!

project 9


Futsal, a variant of association football, is played on a smaller field. It can be considered a version of five-a-side football. This sport helps you develop improvisation, creativity and technique. SYMBHAV 2016 invites you to be a part of this competitive sport and show us what you’ve got!

project 9


Cricket is a word that is often mistaken for religion in our country and has the potential, to enervate the entire nation into an ecstatic state of being, with electricity pulsing through the air, and the deafening sound of hearts throbbing, as people sit glued to the television, waiting for the final over to end.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune, brings to you, the opportunity to indulge in the magical sport that is Cricket at Symbhav 2015! Let the games begin!

project 9


Do you ever feel like the world seems better through a song?

Like the ages bind together when sung along?

If you feel like you belong in a place where you lose yourself in the music, letting the tones take you across time, this is the event for you.

Be it Bob Marley or Pitbull, Nancy Sinatra or Nicki Minaj, whether you are all about the booty or the beatles, the rhythm keeps you going. So come, step into their shoes and put yourself out there and watch the as the magic unravels!

The stage is yours.

project 9


Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order. Dance is for everybody. It is believed that dance came from the people and should be delivered back to the people. So come lets soar high together, create the magic on the stage by expressing through the art of dance. May the beat be with you!

project 9

Raag Milaap

Is your voice mellifluous enough to make people stand up and take note? Do you think you have a desi tadka in your voice? If you just said aye then make your way to Symbhav 2015 and make people sway to the beats of your music at Pune’s biggest fest!

project 9

ADR Tournament

Despite the lure of sports, fine arts and other cultural events, most law students will always hold dear their love for law and its practise. It is for them that Symbhav’s prestigious legal events are organised. One of these events isThe 3rd Adv. Ram Jethmalani National Criminal Law Moot Court Competition2015, it allows law students to put to use what is learnt in the classroom.

Primarily based on the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, the moot will test your skills at research and also the ability to present innovative arguments for contentious issues. Participate in this thrilling moot court competition to not only sharpen your argumentative skills and legal acumenbut also delve into the “arresting” arena of criminal law!

project 9

Lights, Camera, Capture

Photography is all about fleeting moments perfectly captured forever through a lens. It is an art which portrays beauty in all its reality making sure nothing which has to be remembered is ever forgotten, making you take that overdue walk down the memory lane.

When there is nothing to speak or write, a photograph says it all. To quote the popular American photographer Ansel Adams, "A true photograph does not have to be explained, nor can it be contained in words". To celebrate the spirit of photography, Symbhav'15 invites all college students to come participate in 'Panorama', the photography event of the annual fest this year to bring out your inner creativity and innovation and showcase your photography mojo, we promise you nothing short of a psychedelic experience.

project 9


For men may come and men may go but gamers simply respawn. This SYMBHAV is all about creating history in a new fashion. It’s about testing your mettle and battling it out with the best, to have your name live on forever in the list of SYMBHAV gaming event. For all the FIFA fanatics out there, SYMBHAV 16’ “OFF THE POST!” is their pilgrimage spot where they shall have salvation. It’s the ultimate showdown of the gladiators from the gaming world. So all you people out there get your controllers ready to win insane cash prizes and awards. So let the games begin!

project 9

Counter Strike

Bring out the Big guns and let the adrenaline flow this symbhav season, for counter strike is here to knock you out this Symbhav Season.

project 9

Treasure Hunt

"Gold and greed, Such a need Hunt for it, Till you find the pit Solve the mystery,  to reveal the history Discover the treasure of lost world Let your mind twirl!"

Enthusiasm, teamwork and a Sherlock mind! These are the key ingredients to win a high adrenaline treasure hunt. This year's hunt brings you a new energy and a whole new level of competition. With a string of new exciting clues and tasks, challenge yourself to be the winner of most interesting treasure hunt ever. Enjoy, live and work with your friends to a mind boggling game to win great cash prizes. Come to Symbhav'15 to rediscover, rejoice and have fun with this amazing treasure hunt. The game is on!!

project 9


Prepare yourself to battle it out against your opponents in a relentless wrestlemania of wit and logic over a gruelling two and a half hours working non stop to fix the problem(or cause a problem) given to you and to make the ultimate organization while managing your finances and winning money in games that require nerves of steel. Who will emerge victorious? Who will take over the world? Find out in the next episode of That Escalated Quickly

project 9

Dumb & Dumber

Thumbs up for English, thumbs down for Hindi. With a brand new take on a classic old game, pantomime your way through this complex horde of movies with situational twists.

If you thought that enacting a movie like Howrah Bridge Pe Latakti Hui Aatma or The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was a challenge, you have no idea what you’re in for.

Do not knock your ability to mime a movie as a wasted talent as the participants of this event stand a chance to win exciting prize money and vouchers.

Register right away and capitalize on your skill at keeping mum!

project 9


How colourful is your mask?

Face paiting has always been fun, be it at birthday parties when we were little, at Halloween parties or Symbhav!

So go grab a friend and give them a colourful mask of your own creation!

project 9


Vignette, an impressionistic expression of thoughts in an artistic form, leaves a trenchant impression that lingers for long. Taking inspiration from the same, SYMBHAV,’16 brings to you Vignette- The Poster Making Competition that allows you to be your creative selves and design posters! So, let loose of your innovative selves this SYMBHAV at Vignette- the Poster Making Competition.

project 9

Off The Cuff

Round 1: Mondo Props: Participants will be given a topic and 2 minutes to prepare. Upon their respective turns, they’ll be given a prop just before they’re given the mike and will be expected to incorporate the prop into their speech.

Round 2: Dazed and Confused: Characters will be allotted to participants who will be asked to go up two at a time and enact a scene. All sentences spoken by either participant must be in the form of a question.

Round 3: Scenes from a Hat: The audience will be asked to contribute scenes after being presented with an example such as “Things least likely to be found in a children’s book.” The finalists then partake in a rapid fire taking 10 second turns on the mike; enough for one joke.

The number people per group in round 2, the number of scenes in round 3 and the times on the mic are subject to change depending on the number of participants and the time allotted to the event during the fest.

The decision of the judges will be final.

project 9

Poetry Slam

Gregory Corso says, “Why do you want to hang out with us old guys? If I was young, I’d be going to the Slam!” Slam, an oral tradition revitalising interest in poetry, is a part of SYMBHAV this year! All prospective poets are duly invited to perform original work. So, find your feather-and-ink and be sure to be here this SYMBHAV to showcase the poet within you!

project 9

What's The Good Word

Do you cringe every time somebody spells your instead of you’re?
Does a game of scrabble tickle your fancy more than a game of poker?
Have you become the terror who constantly corrects everyone’s grammar? Then this is the game specially crafted for you. Put the words on your sleeves to good use. Grammar Nazis, you’ve got nothing to lose. An exciting combination of puns, rhetoric, anagrams and many other such word games; exploit your inner thesaurus and you can take the prizes, no fuss!

project 9

Mr. and Ms. Symbhav

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Certain that you have a chronic entertainer somewhere in you?Eager to showcase the roaster of talents that you carry within? Or are you a show stealer waiting to be at the right place, at the right time? Then Mr. and Ms.Symbhav is the place for you to be, the official talent show of, Symbhav’15! There will be an audience, celebrity judges, nerve wrecking energy and amidst all this, you!! Where you would be expected to dazzle the place with what you’ve got for us, over a series of entertaining rounds, that will either show you the door of elimination, or would take you a step closer to be the next big thing at Symbhav’15, your dream destination.

project 9

For Those About To Rock

A long time ago, in a far away land, an enlightened soul discovered 'distortion'. The succeeding years have seen other such enlightened souls create melody in distortion, many of whom we now know, as legends, of rock and roll. If the strings on your guitar can blind our ears, you've definitely got what it takes to win this tremendous battle, between some of the best rock and metal bands across the country. Do you think you have what it takes to make us rock and roll? Join us and share your music with Pune, at, For Those About to Rock!

project 9

All The Right Moves

A form of expression of one’s ideas and thoughts is what dance has always been for us. It’s evolution has left us all mesmerized and wanting to delve into the depths to discover the magic that could be created with the fluid movements of our limbs and grace seeping through our pores. This year Symbhav is yet again back with “All the Right Moves” that opens doors for innovation and revolution of dance. Call out your crew, tie those laces and get ready to rock with your group!

project 9

War of DJs

Hello there,

Symbhav, every year, organizes events like these, for artists who have been waiting for an opportunity to showcase their talent. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, so get your party shoes on, be flashy and get ready to make people go crazy on your tunes.

Dj’s need to submit their mix tapes, out of which the management would select a number of people who would proceed to the further rounds of the competition, ending up with finals in our very own Music event with a stage setup and crowd ready to party on your tunes.

8 lucky and talented Dj’s, would be selected for the grand finale.

project 9
The Symbhav Parliamentary Debate 2016

Symbhav is proud to present the inaugural edition of the SLS Parliamentary Debate Tournament from 20th-22nd February, to be held during the Annual College Festival, Symbhav’15.

So, here are the list of essentials you must know to attempt this quest:

  1. Dates: 19th – 22nd February. (Try reaching by 19th morning, we will provide accommodation from then onwards)
  2. Where? At Symbiosis Law School, Pune Campus at Viman Nagar, near the Pune Airport.
  3. Registration: Rs. 2000/- per participant (with Rs. 200/- as registration cost and Rs.1800/- for accommodation) ; Rs. 1000/- per participant (without allotment)
  4. Registration Link :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wv1lTmXvq4Qvkyeg2zIlwboY44Vj-YbWW0ogA9EfDOs/edit?usp=drive_web
  5. First Allotment: 28th January. Payments to be made on receiving allotment.
  6. Second Allotment: 10thFebruary. Payments to be made on receiving allotment.
  7. Registration Closes: 10th February.
  8. Payment Procedure: Registration Costs of Rs. 200/- per participant must be sent via Bank transfer. By Bank Transfer. Payments should be made in favour of “Director, Symbiosis Law School, Pune” , A/C No.: 050310210000019
  9. Adjudicator Subsidy: We offer you 3AC train fare and a competitive bonus of Rs. 5000/- along with a registration waiver and free accommodation. The top 8 applications shall be selected.

It's the 26th and Symbhav is here!

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